James Cole / Lead Vocals - James comes from sin city Las Vegas. James has played with bands such as Grievance, Contrary to Reason and Rarefaction prior to teaming up with Tommy Gibbons to create While She Waits. James began singing in 1999 and has taken absolute pride in constantly pushing himself to become a better vocalist. James is currently endorsed by Miktek USA handmade microphones

Tommy Gibbons / Lead Guitars / Vocals - Tommy is from South Korea and ads his southern influence to the band. Tommy is the primary writer of WSW songs and is a master at his craft. Tommy is currently endorsed by Marshall Amps,Schecter Guitars, Swiss Picks, Tsunami Cables and Fishman Acoustic Amps.

Aaron Belk / Drums- Aaron grew up in Phoenix Arizona and has played in such bands as Lost in Lies and the Tommy Gibbons Project. Aaron loves gargoyles, snakes and is an avid gamer. Aaron is currently endorsed by Amedia Cymbals and Techra drumsticks

Blake Jordan / Bass  - Blake joined While She Waits after playing in the band Unforeseen and brings his diverse metal background to the rock sounds of WSW. Blake loves Ford Mustangs, weird movies and European Metal. Blake is currently endorsed by Warwick Bass

Tim Rooen / Guitars - Tim is from Phoenix Arizona and has jammed with such bands as Orelast and Lost in Lies. Tim is a new father of a beautiful baby girl and enjoys Sons of Anarchy, poker and tons of parties at his house.Tim is currently endorsed by Swiss Picks, Schecter Guitars and Stiff Amplification